About Sharon

Since age five, with my crayon drawings, I have been busy sketching and creating memories. With art, I can be anywhere, create whatever I desire, and paint with the gifts that have been given to me. Born in Jackson, I have studied art for over forty years. I have always been intrigued and fascinated with Monet’s work with Impressionism. In 2005, I discovered Plein Airpainting (the impressionist term to describe painting outdoors). I have created numerous landscapes and reflections in the water with my pastels. For over twenty years, I have painted large murals for homes and commercial businesses in the Mid-Michigan area.

The scope of my education includes an Associate’s Degree in Art from Jackson Community College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from Michigan State University. I have also directed classes at Ella Sharp Museum and local schools in the Jackson County area. When I am not working and creating art, I run my private business, Creative Endeavors. I use this business to teach, paint, and do custom contract work.